Our Mission

Bernie Moore Ministries International exists to share the Gospel with the entire world so that all may know the love of Jesus.

We want to see every person to hear the Gospel preached to them - that God loves them so much he gave his one and only son to die on the cross for their sins, so that he could have a personal relationship with them forever (John 3:16).

Our Vision

We have a heart for the world.

  • H: Hear the Gospel
    • We pray that every person may hear the Gospel preached to them, in their language.
  • E: Every Nation 
    • We desire to go to every nation, wherever the Holy Spirit leads.
  • A: Activating the Gifts 
    • When we preach the Gospel, we also pray for healing and restoration through the power of the Holy Spirit. 
  • R: Raising Evangelists 
    • We want to raise up the next generation of evangelists to be sent out, all over the world, so that all may know Jesus.
  • T: Training Leaders 
    • We train local leaders and pastors to lead and disciple their own churches to flourish long after we are gone.